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Marketing is all about communicating an idea or message to the right person. Television commercials are tailored to their likeliest audiences. Trailers run before films based on information about their expected viewers. If marketers take such care to connect with the right customers in these mediums, why shouldn't direct mail marketing work the same way?

Here at Universal Print & Mail, Inc, we understand the importance of ensuring your campaign is aimed in the right direction. Our Boca Raton, Florida, company provides a mailing list service to help you target customers based on their age, pet ownership, hobbies, location, and many other factors. Rely on us to supply the information you need to run smart, precise mail campaigns.


Selecting a target audience is a complicated process. We make it easier with our convenient services.

Group of Physicians

Physicians are an important group to connect with. Let us help you with our simple mailing list.

Medical Mailing
New Movers

New movers require a range of services to establish their residence. We'll connect you with them.

House Owned By Absentee Owner

Real estate and absentee mailing lists will help any type of campaign. Ours include the info you need.

Named consumers and Absentee Owners


Ensure your direct mail campaign reaches your ideal audience.
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About Us

Universal Print & Mail, is a direct marketing firm whose work effort is dedicated to you, the direct marketer. We believe in taking all the time  necessary to thoroughly evaluate your needs. By incorporating our many years of industry experience, with your wants, expectations, together, we can reach an excellent solution for your direct marketing campaign.

Our founder, Shep Masarek, has worked in this industry since 1977. His extensive experience influences everything we do as a company and enables us to provide specific, targeted lists. Our absolute business goal is to find the most targeted list for you, from which you can expect the most favorable return. More specific targeting leads to fewer names, in turn reducing print and postage costs. 


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Based in Boca Raton, FL, with Services Available Nationwide


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